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Find out all about this year’s conference agenda.
NOV 19


Breakfast & Networking
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Justice Thompson (RiVerse)  |  Joy of Dance  |  Marvelous (ViiV)  |  Adnaan Islam  |  Boluwatife Ogunniyi
Keeping up to Speed
Where we started and where we can go from here

This session will keep attendees up-to-speed with HIV issues, information and resources. This session will first give an insight into the context, by presenting an overview of the history of HIV in Canada (through a queer lense), before taking a look at the current state of affairs. The session will include tips on how to stay informed and keep yourself up to date heading into 2023.


Peter Knegt


Writer, Filmmaker, Arts Curator, CBC Arts

Shane Pope


Health & Wellness Coordinator, 2SGBQ+ Men's Programs

Laurie Edmiston


Former Executive Director, Catie

Jody Jollimore


Executive Director, Catie

Workshop Hour
Balancing Act(ivism)  |  How to Navigate the System  |  P2P Workshop  |  How to Build Healthy Relationships

Balancing Act(ivism)

How to keep work and life separate and prioritise your wellbeing as a young activist

Being a young advocate can take a toll on your personal life. This group discussion will center around the effect of being a youth leader on your mental health and upbringing. The workshop will include tips on how to ensure a work-life balance and make sure you experience your youth, while still doing what you love to do as a young leader!

(Online, Limited Capacity)

Hanley Smith


Health and Wellness Coordinator for 2-Spirit, Trans,  and Non-Binary programs, ACNS

How to Navigate Care

First hand advice

Figuring out your way through the care system is not always easy! In this session young people will share their experiences of navigating clinical care, highlighting challenges and resources they found helpful, with the goal of helping others navigate the system.

(Hybrid, Unlimited Capacity)

Yung Panthers

HIV (STIs) Basics, Relationship & Sex

Peer (to Peer) Workshops

This workshop (featuring games, trivia, quizzes, discussions, skits, and self-guided research) will provide participants with information on STIs (HIV), transmission, prevention strategies, testing and treatment services available. They will also learn safer sex practices and ways to navigate relationships in terms of setting boundaries, giving & accepting consent.

(In-Person, Limited Capacity) 

How to Build Healthy Relationships

Fostering connections with others while keeping your boundaries clear

This DIY Workshop will explore what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like and where they can lead us. This workshop will help you reflect on personal boundaries and encourage you to build self-esteem through a variety of activities that will help you prepare for challenges in various relationships. You will also learn how to support those in unhealthy relationships and identify community resources that are available to them.

Lunch Break/ Expo Hour
Against All Odds
Success Through Collaboration

This session will illustrate the strength in collaboration by showcasing a number of successful projects that relied on many people coming together to do something powerful. The session will also give tips on initiating collaborative projects or joining already existing projects and movements to make positive societal change.


Patrick Mwesigye


Human Rights Activist

Erika Depuis


Consultant, UN Women

Tinashe Rufurwadzo


Director of Programmes, Management, and Governance, Y+ Global

Sally Hamilton


Community engagement on violence against women and girls, and counter terrorisim

Making Waves
Individuals creating an impact

In this session we will hear from a number of individual activists who have made change in their community on a local, national, or global level. Speakers will share their story, highlighting challenges and successes and providing tips for aspiring leaders.


Shamin Mohamed Jr.


CEO & Founder, LetsStopAIDS

Skylar Sutherland Louttit


UNDRIP Coordinator and Policy Analyst

Tanaka Chirombo


Board Chair, Y+ Global

Barbara Kemigisa


HIV Activist

Jessica Lynn Whitbread



Jessica Lynn Whitbred


Founder, Love Positive Women

Break - Wake up Stretch
Ronnie Wray
Under the Surface
Exploring the intersection between HIV and mental health
(French/ASL Translation)

It can be difficult to tell what is going on beneath the surface. This session will explore the relationship between mental health and sexual health. Speakers will discuss how HIV diagnosis can affect mental health and vice versa, and give tips on how to look out for yourself and support family and friends when dealing with recent HIV diagnosis or HIV-related stigma.


Matthew Halse


Director of Global Public Health

Feli borntobelove


International Yoga Teacher & Consultant

Kenneth Poon


Health Promotion Coordinator, ACAS

Tammy Yates-Rajaduray


Executive Director of Realize

Trevor Hart


Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

Are we all in this together?
Different stakeholders, common goals
(French/ASL Translation)

If we want to achieve zero new HIV infections by 2030, then we have to work together! This panel discussion will bring together a number of different stakeholders in the HIV response to discuss how we could better collaborate to achieve our common goal. We will hear from policy makers, health care practitioners, researchers, young activists, and people living with HIV, who will highlight challenges they have faced and explore ways in which stakeholder groups could better work together to achieve zero new HIV infections.


Kalvin Pugh


Senior Advisor on Community Engagement, PLWHA

The Honourable René Cormier


Independent Senator for New Brunswick (ISG) 

Cosima Lenz


Technical Officer, Adolescents and Youth, EGPAF

Caley Shukalek


Chief Medical Officer, Freddie

Topaza Yu


Prime Minister's Youth Council Member

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Doors open for NTTW Party🔥
NOV 20


Drag Brunch Shamin Mohamed Jr  | 
DJ Sophie  |  Calypso Cosmic  | KINGCHELLA  |  Sanjina DaBish Queen  
Welcome to Day 2!
Sex Lives
How did the pandemic change your sex life?

In this session we will reveal the results of our Sex Lives Report. The findings of this national survey show that the pandemic has had a huge impact on the sexual behaviour of young Canadians. Through collaborative activities, we will explore and discuss issues discovered in the report and how youth can support each other in practicing safer behaviour.


Yvonne Su



Pamela Ip


Clinical Pharmacist

Workshop Hour
P2P Workshop  |  How to Start Tough Talks  |  How to Influence Others  |  Let's Get Lit!

HIV Stigma, Mental Health & Harm Reduction

Peer (to Peer) Workshop

This workshop (featuring games, trivia, quizzes, discussions, skits, and self-guided research) is focused on de-stigmatizing HIV and sex while addressing HIV misconceptions. Participants engage in activities on stigma, mental health, peer pressure, being safe online and harm reduction strategies/services.

(Online, Limited Capacity)

How to Start Tough Talks

Approaching difficult political and personal conversations

Don't know how to start that tricky conversation? This workshop will give you practical tips and tools for broaching difficult conversations with others whether you want to have a constructive conversation with someone who has different political views from yours, or to encourage a loved one to make positive changes. After this workshop, that conversation won't seem so daunting!

(Hybrid, Unlimited Capacity)

Kimberely Gauthier


Cell Biologist, Science Communicator

How to Influence Others

Making the change you want to see as a leader

This workshop will help you to thrive in your leadership role and appropriately interact and influence the people around you​. In this workshop, we will use the practices of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to explore how you can make change happen for yourself or others. It will further enforce your ability to address what you would like other people to do as a result of your leadership and influence.

(In-Person, Limited Capacity)

Ivana Musić


Founder, Hello Nomad and VP, General Manager @ No Fixed Address Inc.

Let’s Get Lit!✨

Safer Partying

This DIY workshop will help you question where you stand on certain issues related to substance use, reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of substance use, evaluate your own perceptions, and better understand steps to healthier lifestyles. Using the model of harm reduction and experiential activities, you will learn how to be accountable for your actions and how to stay safe.

Balancing Identities
How our spirituality and beliefs relate to and affect our sexual health
(French/ASL Translation)

This session will take a look at how our religious beliefs can impact HIV outcomes and our sexual lives. Speakers will share stories and tips on how to balance your spirituality and your sexuality.


Abishay Gill


SRHR Activist

El-Farouk Khaki


Lawyer, imam, baba

Leslie Spence


Niizhaayek Alliance, Podcast Director/Coordinator, WSR Lead Community Consultant

Darcy Fierce


Model, Fitness Professional, Bootcamp Instructor

Workshop Hour
Project Planning Workshop (Opeyemi Aladekoyi) |  Self-Discovery Meditation (Winny Clarke)
Tea Break + Performances
Cracking the Stigma Enigma
Sharing lived experiences and understanding how stigma affects HIV infections and outcomes
(French/ASL Translation)

This session will take a deep dive into the phenomenon of stigma with the goal of better understanding its root causes, the impact it has on members of our community, and how it affects HIV infection rates and outcomes. Stigma may make people afraid to seek care when needed, and discrimination towards certain groups means that they do not always receive equal access to prevention and treatment resources. This session will include insights from experts, as well as shared lived experiences and actions that you can take to reduce stigma and discrimination in your community.


Patrick Marano



Andrew Gurza


Disability Awareness Consultant

Patrick Mwesigye


Human rights activist

Khloe Maria


OnlyFans Model & Social Media Personality

What's next??
Speed network, meet others, and set goals for your HIV leadership and advocacy after the conference.
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